Top 10 Major Do’s & Dont’s of Paytm

Best 10 Major Dos & Donts of Paytm

Do’s & Dont’s for Staying Safe and Secure from Paytm Fraud : Paytm states that they have designed Paytm with immense care and their team keeps on polishing the application with every update they roll out with new features being added. However, there is a very common saying that “Security is an illusion”. So if you are a Paytm user or let’s say not just Paytm but any virtual money wallet or a UPI user you should always be on your toes to make sure you don’t miss on the basic fundamental security. After all we all know that “prevention is better than cure”.

Best 10 Major Do's & Dont's of Paytm
Top 10 Major Do’s & Dont’s of Paytm

So lets see what can be Dos & Donts of Paytm:

You might have heard about fraudsters using email phishing, they still use it and have evolved to vishing. Vishing is the same as phishing a user but over the call. They might call as a Paytm agent or they might call as a friend to social engineer you to provide what they want. So a fraud lures a customer over the phone to extract sensitive data namely Consumer ID, password, OTP, mpin, or card details.

Do’s for Paytm Users :

1. I believe that most of all are aware that the Paytm wallet is governed by RBI and you will need to complete the KYC for activating some features as it is set mandatory by RBI.

2. If ever you get any suspicious call or communication via any medium please take precaution. Disconnect then n there and share the fraudster’s number or information with the Paytm team by calling them on the number – 011 3399 6699.

3. Always give a call immediately to Paytm if mistakenly your Paytm Wallet details have been revealed or you even have a doubt of being so.

4. Every time you make a transaction, make sure you double-check your account number and amount that you are authorizing for the transaction.

5. Verify transaction details by checking your SMS and passbook after making each transaction.

Dont’s of Paytm Users :

1. You should not save your card details with any service, application, or portal. Same goes with Paytm, why to even take a chance.

2. Under no circumstances, come what may, do not share confidential credentials if you get an unsolicited communication, be it a call, message, or email.

3. So again, you receive a communication requesting for sensitive information, it’s a straight no, keep no doubt about it.

4. Goes without saying that you are not to use or share any suspicious URLs via any medium of communication.

5. For password, you should never ever send the link for resetting the password to anyone and again not to mention that you should never set a password which is suggested by anybody. Make sure you check the strength of your password using online tools that are available.

6. Paytm agent or an employee will never ask for your password or sensitive info.

If you goto and look below in the footer of the page you will actually find this right there as it is > “DISCLAIMER: Please do not share your Paytm Wallet password, Credit/Debit card pin, other confidential information with anyone even if he/she claims to be from Paytm. We advise our customers to completely ignore such communications”. Not only that but Paytm asks customers to report such things via email at

Most of the points we have mentioned here as the dos and don’ts for Paytm users are a rule of thumb which applies not only to Paytm but to any virtual wallet rather e-wallets.

Thanks a ton to the Paytm Team as I see Paytm takes security seriously and tries to educate about how to be secure.

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